Strategy, Technology, Economics

STRATEC advises and supports companies in complex decision making tasks relating to investment and resource allocation impacting the industrial and economy-wide environment. To achieve those tasks we use up-to-date analytical, qualitative and quantitative tools for strategic assessment and industry analysis focussing on a broad range of management issues such as Innovation and R&D, competitiveness and competition, anti-trust, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, outsourcing, supply-chain and financial analysis including industrial risk assessment for large emerging and transitional economies (BRICs).

STRATEC advises company managers of both regulated and unregulated enterprises on strategies that help to add value to their business.

On any of those aforementioned competence areas STRATEC can be approached to deliver a brief proposal sketch (free of charge) that could be followed up with a personal presentation and interviewing.

We also offer a two day (6 hours) comprehensive, advanced level tutorial course on Economies of Network Industries and Comparative Innovation Systems supplementing the coverage of strategic issues in modern industrial economics.

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