Focus Business Strategy

STRATEC advises company managers, of both regulated and unregulated enterprises, on strategies that help to add value to their business. They must decide whether and how to enter into new markets and to make new investments (including mergers and acquisitions), how to respond to various forms of economic regulation, how to set prices and tariffs, and how to design and negotiate major new contracts. All decisions of this kind require an economic analysis of the relevant, and of the costs and risks under different options.

STRATEC helps clients to shape business strategies by anticipating the evolution of regulation and competition, and by measuring the impact of likely developments on the profitability of the company and on investment plans.

Market Analysis

STRATEC uses advanced methods of quantitative analysis to help forecast the likely changes in price or product characeristics and the effect on company sales and profits, of specific changes in the economic environment.

Practical judgment serves to interpret the results carefully in order to ensure that recommendations to clients are sound and robust.

Cost and Price Analysis

Revenue management that optimizes the balance between revenue and costs should be based on rigorous economic analysis. STRATEC has a clear understanding of the principles behind optimal pricing policy and is able to apply them taking into account social and environmental concerns. Efficiency measurement is a crucial step in deciding the correct price to set, whether in a competitive market, or under economic regulation. STRATEC offers appropriate econometric and benchmarking techniques to support good decisions on prices.

Competition Law and Economics

We provide expert economic advice in competition law cases throughout Europe. Specialist economic input in anti-trust, provided in association with expert legal advice, is now an essential component in most competition law and trade policy cases.

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