Brief Professional Profile of Hans Gottinger (R&C)   


Initiating and leading several multidisciplinary, multinational projects through the EU and other international bodies, and also through Stanford Research International (SRI), Battelle, and MRI (Tokyo).

The specific highlights and published sources of  previous project work :

  • Economic Models for Solid Waste Management with Applications
    Gordon and Breach, Science Publishers, New York 1991
  • Hazardous Waste:  Economic Risk Reductions
    Special Issue, Inter. Jour. Environment and Pollution 1996
  • Global Environmental Economics
    Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Boston, 1998
  • Global Energy Economics
    in Handbook of Energy Economics, Routledge, London 2000
  • Monitoring Pollution Accidents The Case of Oil Spills
    Special Issue, Intern. Journal Environment and Pollution, Vol. 3, 2001
  • Optimal Energy Economics under Global Environmental Constraints
    Special Issue,  Intern. Journal Environment and Pollution  Vol.5 , 2002
  • Economies of Network Industries
    Routledge, London, New York 2003
  • Innovation, Technology and Hyper-Competition
    Routledge, London, New York 2006

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